Automated Billing Profiles

For techs that have better things to do with their time.

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Work smart not hard

Created for service providers that regularly bill their customers.


Quickly build templates to be used for scheduled automated billing of your clients.

Computer Repair Shop Software - Billing Profiles - Templates
Computer Repair Shop Software - Billing Profiles - Subscription Scheduling

Subscription Scheduling

Quickly configure scheduled frequencies for automated billing profiles.

Multiple Payment Profiles

Store multiple payment types. Great for shops that have clients that want multiple cards on file.

Computer Repair Shop Software - Billing Profiles - Multiple Payment Profiles

No Additional Costs

Unlike many platforms that hide fees and charges, this feature comes included at no additional charge with Standard and Professional accounts.

Notification System

Receive SLA notifications on declined or expired cards. BusyBench stays on top of your subscriptions so you don’t have to. Never be in the dark with failed payments. Support

Automated billing profiles integrate seamlessly with any new or existing account. Reduce your monthly card processing rates all while streamlining your workflow. 

Work Smarter

Why spend hours manually billing when its built into BusyBench natively? BusyBench automates the entire billing process so you can focus on what matters most to you.

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