Customer Map

Create detailed geographical maps using customer addresses.

Computer Repair Shop Software - Customer Map - Heading

Geographically represent data

Display customer addresses using integrated google maps support.

Pinned Information

Quickly identify customer name with location by clicking on a pinned customer.

Computer Repair Software - Customer Map - Pinned Infromation
Computer Repair Shop Software - Invoicing - Integrated follow-up system


Display new potential areas where marketing dollars may benefit your business.

Computer Repair Shop Software - Invoicing - Multiple Payment Types

Multiple Payment Types

Quickly accept credit cards, checks or cash in-shop or online. Use any USB magnet card reader.

Show Popularity

Display your company’s popularity using digital displays. Build customer confidence by showing your businesses’s popularity.


Create smarter distribution and delivery routes for your technicians to your most frequent customers and decrease travel time. Increase drivers efficiency and keep fuel costs down. 


Find new areas where your customers are coming from and determine new advertising opportunities. Focus your marketing budget in the areas that matter. 

Visualizing Data

Many shops find this feature helpful as it visually shows them information they were previously unaware of. The customer map helps shop owners identify customers by area.

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