Inventory That Matters

Efficiently manage all of your inventory items and services.

Computer Repair Shop Software - Inventory - Heading

Built to be powerful, yet kept simple.

Big or small, our powerful inventory system can easily work in any shop environment.

Every Little Detail

Add as much or as little information about an item. There are no required fields or restrictions.

Computer Repair Shop Software - Inventory - Every Little Detail
Computer Repair Shop Software - Inventory - Manage Purchase Orders

Manage Purchase Orders

Create, edit and remove purchase orders to be sent to your vendors or contractors.

UPC / Price Tag System

Generate unique barcodes and price tags you can print from any USB or networked label printer.

Computer Repair Shop Software - Inventory - UPC / Price Tag System
Computer Repair Shop Software - Inventory - Low Stock Monitoring

Low Stock Monitoring

Receive notifications on low stock and monitor what needs to be reordered.

No Restrictions

Many inventory platforms require users to complete lengthy details just to add an item or use it in a useful way. We encourage users to add as much or as little details they feel comfortable with.

Detailed Reports

The more detailed your invoices are the better BusyBench can help you target the customers that matter. Our platform helps increase profits while you do what matters.

Label Printer Friendly

Fully compatible with 2.4 inch adhesive label printers. Print UPC and price tags quickly and with ease. Fully functional with most USB connected printers and devices.

Find items Quickly

Our global inventory searching enables users to find stocked items quickly without sifting through old stock. Quickly identify items before they run out while searching. 

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