Payment Processing

Affordable payment processing for your business.

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Integrated payment processing

Designed to quickly process multiple transactions and payment types.

Payment Types

Quickly accept credit cards, cash, checks, store credit and even stored payment profiles from the same screen.

Computer Repair Shop Software - Payment Processing - Payment Types
Computer Repair Shop Software - Payment Processing - Multi-Invoice Processing

Multi-Invoice Processing

Quickly accept payment for single or open invoices at the same time.

Payment Confirmation

With a single click email a receipt of payment to your customer’s email address.

Computer Repair Shop Software - Payment Processing - Payment Confirmation
Computer Repair Shop Software - Invoicing - Multiple Payment Types

Multiple Payment Types

Quickly accept credit cards, checks or cash in-shop or online. Use any USB magnet card reader.

About Payment Processing

The sad but honest truth about payment processing is that it is overly complicated on purpose. The real truth is that there are currently over 300 card types on the market. Companies like Square, Stripe and Paypal give a percentage rate based on an “average” for your business type. Some Visa and Mastercards can process as low as 0.5%, this leaves a very large margin for these processing companies to work with. Allowing each one to offer lower processing rates.

We have spent months working with Retail Profit Systems of Central Point Oregon, an re-seller. Negotiating rates is not an easy task. In an effort to do what is best for our users we make zero profit working with this re-seller, in trade you, the user, get better processing rates.

Percentages and costs

Depending on the types of cards you take and the amount of volume processed, your rate will vary. Retail Profit Systems can guarantee 2.9% per-swipe and lower. In most cases (depending on the cards you take) the rates our clients see are much lower than 2.9% per-swipe.

You cannot obtain an account by yourself, you need a re-seller. A re-seller is basically a bank or institution that hops through the required hoops to offer that service. Retail Profit Systems is an re-seller we have worked very hard with to provide BusyBench users with the best possible rates.

Obtaining API keys is a very simple task that Retail Profit Systems streamlines for BusyBench users.

Setup Payment Processing Today

To get your API keys contact Brian at Retail Profit Systems. +1-541-655-4855

No terminal leases

BusyBench requires no hardware lease or  physical terminals. Our payment processing works with any magnetic USB card reader. No terminal fees means more money for things that matter.

No Contracts

We have worked very hard to bring no contract processing to BusyBench. If you no longer want to process payments using BusyBench simply call and close your account.

Solid Security

We store ZERO payment information. All payment information is held and stored by, I.E Visa. Process credit cards knowing your client information is secure. 

Easy Refunds

With a single click, refund payments back to customer cards without having to fight with a third party. Define who can authorize refunds and identify potential shrinkage. 

Try all our features free for 14 days with no credit card or commitment required during signup.