Point of Sale System

Quickly sell inventory items or services faster than ever before.



A POS built for IT businesses

Finally, a Point of Sale that's not separated from your management platform. 

Flexible Interface

Our POS interface was built to be flexible yet very functional. You can customize the look and feel with endless button combinations. 


Receipt Printer Friendly

The BusyBench Point of Sale system works seamlessly with virtually all receipt printers.


Scan Barcodes

Easily scan existing inventory items using any USB connected barcode scanner or simply search for an item.


Complete Integration

Easily work with walk-in customers or quickly make a full featured invoice with a single click.

Point of Sale Demonstration

Click play on the video to see just how easy it is to start using the BusyBench Point of Sale system in your business. 

Reduce Time

It's always important to keep an eye on the clock. Our integrated point of sale system makes ringing up items and processing transactions faster than ever. 

USB Supported Devices

The point of sale system works with most USB connected printers and barcode scanners out of the box. Many USB connected devices require little to no configuration. 

Sales Tracking

Easily run reports on commonly sold items and services with our detailed reports. Our POS module integrates seamlessly with all our featured reports. 

Make it Your Own

The point of sale system was designed to be used in a wide spectrum of IT related business. Knowing this, we allow users to really get their hands dirty and customize the look and feel of things. 

Try all our features free for 14 days with no credit card or commitment required during signup.