Ticket Overview

Prioritize what’s important at a single glance.

Computer Repair Shop Software - Ticket Overview - Heading

Increase Productivity

Keep your technicians on track or just see what’s next.

Oldest First

The overview always shows oldest ticket first. This ensures all repairs are finished quickly.

Computer Repair Shop Software - Ticket Overview - Oldest First
Computer Repair Shop Software - Ticket Overview - Full Screen Support

Full Screen Support

Great for shops with digital signage or use with Googles Chromecast line of products.

Status Changing

Single clicking the status bar allows team members to quickly change the status of a ticket.

Computer Repair Shop Software - Ticket Overview - Status Changing

Stay Focused

The ticket overview helps keep technicians focused on the tasks at hand and not losing track of high priority repairs. Most technicians using the ticket overview notice dramatic increase in productivity. 

Prepare Workload

Easily determine the workload at a single glance of the ticket overview pane. Ready additional technicians as needed and reduce staffing costs based on actual workload. 

Ticket Notes

Adding notes to a given ticket is only a single click from any item on the overview. Adding notes to a ticket on the fly decreases the chance of techs misplacing or incorrectly diagnosing units. 

Improve Productivity

Maintain overall shop productivity by keeping your entire team on task. Technicians using the ticket overview are shown to stay on track and produce results faster than working without this feature.

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