Repair Ticketing

Quickly add customer repair tickets and repair assets.

Computer Repair Shop Software - Ticketing - Heading

Easy repair ticket creation

Reduce ticket creation time by half, all while maintaining absolute accuracy.

Canned Notes

Our canned ticket notes make entering common symptoms a snap!

Computer Repair Shop Software - Ticketing - Canned Notes

One click invoicing

With a single click convert repair tickets into professional looking invoices.

Computer Repair Shop Software - Ticketing - One click invoicing
Computer Repair Shop Software - Ticketing - Complete Asset Handling

Asset Handling

Attach physical assets to your customer profiles. Document logon passwords, brands and more.

Customize the fine print

We include commonly used verbiage to be printed on your repair tickets. Use ours or easily create your own.

Computer Repair Shop Software - Ticketing - Customize the fine print

Ticketing Demonstration

Click play on the video to see just how simple it is to use BusyBench for all your ticketing needs.

Add Inventory Items to Tickets

Make single click invoicing even easier by adding pre-approved services to the repair tickets during the intake process. All repair tickets reflect approved items when printed.

Multiple Assets Per-Ticket

We make it very easy to add multiple assets to a single repair ticket. Add USB drives, printers or multiple computers. Our software can be cusomized to fit any workflow.

Customer Tagging 

Quickly, add edit or remove customer tags from within a repair ticket or invoice. Tagging a customer makes it very easy to identify special needs and concerns.

Custom Priorities

We included most priorities types, however, we encourage users to customize them. BusyBench makes it easy to set any number of custom priorities that may be required in your organization.

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